My Kimonos Lesson

Week 1 of Japan Lesson

This past weekend I decided to do a fun English lesson with friends so I wrote a little story about kimonos. I also added a photo to the excerpt. I gave them the handout of the kimono. We read the story I wrote and discussed the handout.

After we finished reading and discussing the handout together, we watched a short movie I found on YouTube about kimonos. I thought this was a great exercise because we read something fun and new. I think they especially enjoyed the Youtube video about the kimono. Here is the story below.


About Kimonos

Kimonos are traditional garments that Japanese women wear. They are often worn during special occasions, festivals, and formal events. Kimonos sometimes have intricate designs and are fun to look at. Some kimonos are very colorful and have floral designs.

The word kimonos means “wearing thing” in Japanese. Ki means “wearing.” Mono means “thing.” Kimonos are t-shaped garments with long sleeves and have varying constructions. Kimonos are very long, but they are folded at the hip so they are ankle length. Kimonos are tied with a sash called an obi. Obis are knotted at the back.


Here is the Youtube video we watched.

Week 2 of Japan Lesson

This week for our English lesson, my class did some work in our grammar packet from the English for Everyone book. Afterward, I decided we watch another video on Japan just to continue with our Japan theme. We watched a fun video and my class enjoyed it.

Here is the video we watched about Japan this week.